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Term of the Day: Consent Agenda

Today, CLPA begins a new series where we will quickly explain terms you will regularly see when reviewing legislation or minutes from legislative bodies. We will publish these terms on a weekly basis, oftentimes multiple times a week if we feel it is necessary.

Term of the day

Consent agenda

Consent agendas (referred to as a "consent calendar" in Roberts Rules of Order) are used by meeting bodies to simplify meeting procedures by grouping non-controversial items together on an agenda so they can all be passed with a single motion and vote. Examples of items that appear on a consent agenda:

  • Board meeting minutes from the previous session;

  • Committee reports

  • Appointments requiring board confirmation

  • Actions that are required in the bylaws

  • Routine correspondence that requires no action

  • Minor changes in a policy or procedure

Below is an example on a consent agenda from the Prince George's County Council:



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