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Ordinance Spotlight: Apartment Housing for Elderly or Physically Disabled Families (PGC Council)

Recently Councilmember Streeter introduced CB-071-2022, an ordinance permitting a special exemption for increased density in zones designated for multifamily senior citizen dwellings. CB-071-2022 changes Section 27 of the County Code, shown in the chart below. The new special exception in the code is noted as "SE."

If enacted, the special exemption would permit apartment housing and related facilities for elderly or physically disabled families within a building other than a "surplus public school building." However, some conditions must be met to obtain this permission. Property owners in RMF-20 and RMF-48 zones, designated for residential multifamily housing, must be a private, nonprofit organization. They also need to declare that elderly or disabled families will solely occupy the housing for at least 20 years. As for the density of the homes, they are allowed to be reduced, but the lot area can't be less than fifty percent (50%) of the minimum area typically required in the zone; and it can't be greater than twice that normally allowed in the zone.

For owners in the CGO Zone, which is reserved for commercial use, the property must contain at least two contiguous acres and be limited to 48 dwelling units per net lot area. Unlike density for the RMF zones, the density of the CGO Zone may be increased by one unit per acre for every 1000 square feet of indoor space, which will be for residential social, recreational, or educational use. It should be noted that not less than 50% of the CGO Zone net lot area shall be devoted to being "green."

CB-071-2022 states that property owners in residential zones RR, RSF-95, and RSF-65 zones are bound by the requirements of those in the RMF and CGO Zones. It also notes that in the Local Transit-Oriented (LTO)-Edge zone, the density shall not be greater than twice that typically allowed in the zone. Area in LTO zones includes the Addison Road Metro, Takoma/Langley Crossroads, Capitol Heights Metro, Morgan Boulevard Metro, Cheverly Metro, Naylor Road Metro, Landover Metro, and West Hyattsville Metro.

This bill was presented by Council Member Streeter on July 5th and referred to the Planning Housing and Economic Development Committee. If there are any questions or concerns about this ordinance, please get in touch with Council Member Streeter at:



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