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Legislative Update: Prince George's County Redistricting Resolution Vote TODAY (PGC Council)

Credit: DCist/WAMU

Today the Prince George’s County Council will have its third reading and vote to enact CR-123-2021. This resolution, if adopted, would officially enact the proposed County Council district boundaries. The boundary changes have been a significant point of contention in the County since the boundaries were first reported, with allegations of gerrymandering among the most severe accusations and varying reactions from lawmakers.

This resolution brings a close to a process that first started on January 28th when the County Council adopted CR-6-2021. This resolution officially appointed the 13 members of the 2021 Redistricting Commission. Once established, the Redistricting Commission conducted public meetings and public hearings to gather public input about the Plan. On September 1st, the Commission transmitted its Plan to the County Council, which held a public hearing on the Plan and Report on September 28th.

After the Commission hosted several work sessions on October 14th, they eventually presented an alternative plan to County Council. The alternative Plan was voted favorably, with amendments by the Council on October 19th.

This resolution would formally adopt the maps in Attachments A-Q, which can be found here:

CR-123-2021 is set to be voted on at 3:00 pm today. The period to sign-up to speak has ended, but if you want to view the Council vote, you can do so using this link.

Select Redistricting Attachments

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