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Legislative Snapshot: Expedited Bill 30-21,Extended Limitations Against Rent Increases and Late Fees

In July of this year, Montgomery County Councilmember Jawando introduced Expedited Bill 30-21, "Landlord-Tennant Relations – Restrictions During Emergencies – Extended Limitations Against Rent Increases and Late Fees." If passed, the bill would extend the prohibition on raising rents included in Expedited Bill 18-20, the COVID-19 Renter Relief Act, until one year after the expiration of the emergency.

Expedited Bill 30-21 would also prohibit charging late fees accrued during and one year after the crisis. However, the bill would not mandate landlords to refund and late fees already paid. The prohibition of late fee collection would only apply to rent late fees:1.) Due on the emergency declaration date; 2.) After the emergency declaration; 3.) But before the end of the Act sunsets. Bill 30-21 would extend the sunset of the Covid-19 Renter Relief Act to 18 months after the expiration of the emergency.

A public hearing is scheduled to occur on September 14th at 1:30 p.m. If you want to testify in support or opposition to this bill, you can do so using this link. If you want to contact Councilmember Will Jawando, the bill's primary sponsor, about this bill you can do so via his email or his Senior Legislative Aide, Pamela Luckett, at

To read the Bill memo and the full text of the bill, visit the Montgomery County Council website.



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