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Institution Spotlight: Prince George's County's Democrat and Republican Central Committees

Most, if not all, regardless of the depths of their political knowledge, are aware of the Republican and Democratic parties, the two major political parties in our nation. Both parties during presidential elections will host a national conference where they officially select their nominees for president and vice president after a nationwide primary contest. However, many are unaware of how the Democrats and Republicans operate locally.

Like other counties and municipalities across the nation, Prince George's County governs the parties through central committees. The central committee hosts fundraisers for their political party and hosts primary debates, among other activities. Though the Committees do not take a position on candidates in a contested primary election, they promote their political party within the County. The Prince George's County Democratic and Republican Central Committee are the entities responsible for the parties' interaction with County residents throughout the election process.

The Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee consists of 24 elected members from the eight legislative districts of Prince George's County. Additionally, gender balance members are appointed by the 24 elected members so that there is an equal number of male and female members on the Committee. The current committee members' terms expire this year.

Current Democratic Central Committee members:


Chair-Kent Roberton (Legislative District 25-At Large)

1st Vice Chair-W. Thunder Williams (Legislative District 47B),

2nd Vice Chair-Antwan Brown (Legislative District 26)

3rd Vice-Chair-Vacant


Secretary-Denise Mitchell (Legislative District 21)

Assistant Secretary-Patricia Waiters (Legislative District 24)

Treasurer-Faye Martin Howell(Legislative District 24)

Assistant Treasurer-Carl Oarker, Jr (Legislative District 21) Young Dems

Members: Legislative District 21: Michelle Garcia (At-Large), Keith Syndor Legislative District 22: Stephanie D. Hicks; Emmett V. Jordan, Chike Croslin (At-Large) Legislative District 23: Le Shaun Quander-Mosley (At-Large) Sue Livera (23A); Ingrid S. Harrison (23B). Legislative District 24: Derick Coley (At-large) Legislative District 25: John E. Richardson; Rhonda Wallace. Legislative District 26: Angela R. Jomes (At-large); Nora E. Carmichael. Legislative District 27: Darrell Odom (27A); Jacqueline Steele-McCall (27B), John D.B. Carr (At-large). Legislative District 47: Donnie Arrington (At-large); Sarahita Wyatt-Paige (47A);

Gender Balance At-Large: Ernest Canlas (25); Christopher Stevenson (24)

PGC Young Democrats: Tanashea Sims (47A)

The Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee is composed of sixteen members elected by registered Republican voters for 4-year terms during the gubernatorial election or, in some instances, appointed by the Committee in the event of vacancies. The current committee members' terms expire this year.

Current Republican Central Committee members:


Chairman: Alex Pacheco (Legislative District 47)

First Vice-Chairman: Olivia Vaughns (Legislative District 24)

Second Vice-Chairman: Jennifer Daniels (Legislative District 47)

Treasurer: Debra Farrar-Dyke (Legislative District 25)

Secretary: Jim Wass (Legislative District 22)


Legislative District 23: DeJaris Holt

Legislative District 24: Brandon Cooper

Legislative District 25: Bori Adeyemi

Legislative District 27: Kathy Peed

Legislative District 27:Jesse Peed

Legislative District 47: Fred Price, Jr.

CLPA will profile other central committees across the Washington metro area in the coming weeks so you can be better engaged leading up to this year's mid-term elections. For more information or to contact the Democratic or Republican Central Committees, use the contact information below.

Prince George's County Democratic Central Committee

Phone:(301) 646-0831

Prince George’s County Republican Central Committee

Phone: (301) 203-0070



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