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Institution Spotlight: Prince George's County Office of Community Relations (OCR)

Have you ever wondered how to navigate Prince George's County's government resources? You are not alone which is why we have decided to highlight the Office of Community Relations (OCR) this week for our institution spotlight. It exists to bridge the gap between you and your local government.

Your Gateway to County Government

The OCR serves as a central point of contact for residents seeking information and assistance. Their aim is to be highly visible, accessible, and accountable. Whether you have questions about a program, need to report an issue, or simply want to learn more about county resources, the OCR team is there to help.

Transparency Through Data and Feedback

The OCR prioritizes data-driven analysis and feedback from residents to continuously improve its services. This ensures it catering to Prince George's County resident's diverse needs.

Stay Informed and Engaged

If you want to stay updated on programs and events happening in your community, then look no further than the OCR's social media pages. They actively post on Instagram and Twitter, keeping you informed about everything from community resources to fun activities. Additionally, the county website maintains a comprehensive list of upcoming events you won't want to miss.

The OCR in Action

The OCR offers a variety of programs specifically designed to connect residents with their government. Here's a closer look at some of their key initiatives:

  • PGC311: This convenient system allows you to report non-emergency issues, like potholes or noise complaints, by simply dialing 311, visiting the PGC311 website, or going in person.

  • Community Outreach: The OCR team actively reaches out to various communities throughout the county. This ensures everyone has equal access to resources and feels heard by their local government.

  • Common Ownership Communities: The OCR provides dedicated support and resources to these communities, guaranteeing they have a voice in county affairs.

  • Special Projects: The OCR tackles specific community needs through special projects, such as Hope in Action, which aims to make a positive impact on residents' lives.

Building a Stronger Community Together

The OCR actively encourages residents to participate in shaping their community. By attending events, voicing concerns, and getting involved, you can play a vital role in making Prince George's County a thriving place for all.

Go to the Prince George's County website for more detailed information on the OCR's programs and services and how to contact them directly. Remember, the OCR's purpose is to empower you and ensure you have a positive experience interacting with your local government.



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