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Institution Spotlight: Prince George's County Office of Community Relations

This week CLPA highlights the Prince George's County Office of Community Relations. This department ensures that county residents are able to connect with government resources, agencies, and personnel and function as a bridge between government and the people the serve.

The office oversees the Commission on Common Ownership Communities. Established by CB-49-2015 in 2015, the Commission, which is made up of nine members, ensures the proper establishment and operation of the county's homeowners’ associations, condominium associations, and cooperative housing units. The Commission also promotes both public awareness and understanding of the rights and obligations of living in a common ownership community. They Commission assists and oversees the development of coordinated community and government policies, programs, and services which support these communities.

A few of the services that the department provides include PGC 311 which is a 24/7 service that residents can utilize to submit service requests. The full list of complaints can be found on the PGC311 service request website but this is the site residents can go to for codeenforecement, damage claims, 911 audio requests, issues involving animals, jstorm drain issues, bus stop issues, and dozens of other issues.. Service Requests may be submitted by dialing 3-1-1 if you are inside the County. Dial 301-883-4748 if you are outside of the County. The department also manages the 311 On the Go! program, which works with other agencies, like the Department of Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement (DPIE), Public Safety, the Office of Public Works and Transportation. By utilizing this site, residents can voice concerns to the county government.The Office of Community Relations, also hosts an annual "100 Events of Summer" initiative. This initiative highlight various event around Prince Georgre's COunty from June to September. Those interested in participating in county event can sign up on the office's website.

For more information about the Prince George's County Office of Community Relations you can reach them at (301) 952-4729. A list of the full staff directory can be found at this link.



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