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CLPA Weekly Policy Recap (July 17-24th)

Here is a recap of the policy CLPA highlighted last week. We will provide updates on the progress of these issues as they develop.

Arlington County Board

Last Wednesday, the Arlington County Board voted Wednesday to create a Law Enforcement Community Oversight Board (COB) and Independent Policing Auditor (IPA) to oversee the county police. The group will have the ability to subpoena police officers to investigate and scrutinize police actions, but will not initiate investigations or discipline officers. You can find the Board agenda item with the County Manager’s report on the bill here.

The timeline for implementation of the COB and the recruitment for IPA according to the County Manager’s presentation

Early Fall 2021:

  • National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) training for County Board Members

  • County Board begins soliciting COB candidates

  • Draft General Assembly legislation

Late Fall 2021:

  • County Board appoints inaugural members of COB

  • Within 30 days, COB meets to begin establishing practices and procedures, by-laws, and MOU.

  • Begin recruitment for IPA

Spring 2022:

  • COB passes a resolution that it is ready to begin its work (after sufficiently staffed, training concluded, etc.)

National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board (TPB)

Originally removed from the TPB’s air quality analysis in June, the TPB, which is comprised of local leaders from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, approved a resolution that would add the proposed I-270/I-495 high-occupancy toll lanes project, which also includes a rebuild of the American Legion Bridge, back into its air quality analysis. This is a federally required step for regionally significant projects to move forward. This project is opposed by Montgomery County Executive Elrich but is a top priority of Maryland Governor Hogan. The project is supported by several business interests and motorists who have to travel long distances on I-270 toward Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia.

Montgomery County leaders have opposed adding toll lanes and called the addition a “bullying tactic” by Governor Hogan. In an interview with WUSA9 County Executive Elrich stated that “The governor will be keeping the other lanes so congested that people are willing to pay to get out of those lanes. Creating soul-crushing traffic for everybody else until they reach the point where they're willing to pay a toll? Those kinds of bullying tactics and misinformation is what he's been doing." Governor Hogan Elrich and others county leaders support widening the American Legion Bridge and rebuilding portions of I-95 and I-270 with reversible rush-hour lanes that are free for all users and that extend all the way to Frederick.

The final weighted vote was 10.6 in favor and 4.3 as opposed to the resolution. The full meeting with the vote can be viewed using this link.

Washington, DC Council

Last week the DC Council held a Legislative Hearing on several budget-related bills. Two bills were in their first reading and will be discussed further in future meetings. Links to the bill text can be found below.

Those budget bills which the DC Council adopted during mmeeting include:

  • B24-0285 - Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Support Act of 2021

  • B24-0275 - Fiscal Year 2022 Local Budget Act of 2021

Budget resolutions and bills related to COVID-19 relief, which Council adopted include:

  • PR24-0344 - Fiscal Year 2021 Revised Local Budget Second COVID Relief Emergency Declaration Resolution of 2021

  • B24-0360 - Fiscal Year 2021 Revised Local Budget Second COVID Relief Emergency Act of 2021

The last budget-related bill was introduced during this meeting, but will most likely be adopted at the Council's next legislative meeting in October.

  • B24-0361 - Fiscal Year 2021 Revised Local Budget Second COVID Relief Temporary Act of 2021



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