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CLPA List of Upcoming DC Area Policy Meetings (October 23-October 27)

Discover the latest updates and key developments in local government activities across the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond in our weekly comprehensive report. From legislative meetings to policy reviews, budget discussions, and educational initiatives, this update provides a concise overview of essential matters shaping the future of these regions.

Whether you're a concerned citizen, policymaker, or simply interested in staying informed about local governance, this report offers valuable insights into the decisions and actions that impact your community. Dive into the details of government agendas and stay up-to-date on the critical issues that shape the fabric of these diverse and dynamic localities.

See a full list of meetings below.

District of Columbia

DC Council

The DC Council will not hold a Legislative Meeting this week.

DC State Board of Education

There will not be a public meeting of the DC State Board of Education this week.



Maryland General Assembly:

The Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate are currently adjourned and not in session.

However, please see Maryland General Assembly 2023 Dates of Interest for information about pre-filed bills.


Charles County

Board of Charles County Commissioners

The Board of Charles County Commissioners will meet tomorrow at 9 am and 6 pm for a public hearing.

During tomorrow's meeting, the commissioners, among other topics, discuss the FY 2024 Commissioners' Initiatives, including the Drug Take Back Program, Protection Plus Program, and the Veterans Corner. During the public hearing, the Commissioners will discuss Bill 2023-(09) Healthy Meals for Children, which would mandate the inclusion of a nutritious meal choice for children at eating and drinking establishments that have a children's menu or primarily serve meals for kids.

Charles County Board of Education

There will be a meeting of the Charles County Board of Education today at 4:30. During the meeting, the Board will discuss the student transfer process and 2023 transfer request data, including a review of Policy 5126. They will also have an update on MCAP and I-Ready Assessment results and the impact of summer program data on the Strategic Plan. They will also provide an overview of their 2024 Legislative Positions and an examination of Policy 5157.7 regarding the search of students.


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council will meet tomorrow at 9 am. It will have a final reading on Bill 32-23, Police - Policing Advisory Commission - Amendments, with a recommendation for enactment with amendments from the Public Safety Committee. They will also have a briefing on the State Development Review Process Workgroup Report. In addition, the Council will discuss their State Legislative Priorities.

Montgomery County Board of Education

The Montgomery County Board of Education will hold a business meeting this Thursday at 3:30 pm. First on the agenda is an oral discussion of the Student Data/Pathway Milestone, focusing on the Evidence of Learning concerning the End of Year (EOY) 2022-2023 results. Following this, there will be a consideration of the Final Action concerning Policy ABC, which addresses Parent and Family Involvement. Next, the agenda will address the Final Action related to Policy BLB concerning Rules of Procedure in Appeals and Hearings. Finally, the report will discuss the draft School Year Calendar for the 2024-2025 academic year.


Prince George's County

Prince George's County Council

The Prince George's County Council will convene its meeting today at 10 am. At the meeting, several Council Bills were discussed and considered. First on the list is B-092-2023, an act about establishing the Homestead Property Tax Credit for County property taxes commencing on July 1, 2024. Next is CB-094-2023, which focuses on the Annual Tax Differential Task Force, seeking to establish a four-year term for its appointees. The third item, CB-095-2023, addresses the issuance of special obligation bonds for the Largo Town Center Metro Development District, aiming to finance infrastructure improvements and related costs. Lastly, CB-100-2023 pertains to the issuance and sale of general obligation bonds and general obligation stormwater management bonds to finance various capital and stormwater projects within Prince George's County, Maryland, with specific principal amounts allocated for these purposes.

On Wednesday, the Council will meet again to discuss several appointments and resolutions. Firstly, APPT-29-23 involves appointments and reappointments to the Commission for Individuals with Disabilities. APPT-30-23 addresses the reappointment of Mr. Thomas H. Graham to the Washington Suburban Transit Commission. CR-094-2023 initiates a new Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment for specific areas. CR-103-2023 approves a Minor Plan Amendment to the 2014 Southern Green Line Station Area Sector Plan. CR-104-2023 approves a new office location lease for the Washington Suburban Transit Commission. CR-101-2023 amends County Procurement Regulations related to public construction contracts and Responsible Contractors.

Prince George's County Board of Education

The Prince George's County Board of Education will have a meeting this Thursday at 7 pm. During this meeting, the Board will discuss several items, including Board Policy 3506, which addresses Public Charter Schools, and Board Policy 5110.3, which focuses on Student Transfers. Additionally, the agenda encompasses Board Policy 5114.1, related to Student Exiting Before a Diploma, and enhancements to the 2023-2024 PGCPS School Calendar, with an attached document for reference.

There's also a continued discussion regarding the Comprehensive Education Boundary for Crossland High School, along with Board Policy concerning Geographic Boundaries of Attendance Areas and the Consolidation or Closure of Schools. Moreover, the agenda includes Board Policy 5125.4, about Informed Consent for Student Data Gathering, and Board Policy 5168, addressing Automated External Defibrillators.



Virginia General Assembly:

Both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate are adjourned and not in session.


Alexandria City

Alexandria City Council:

The Alexandria City Council will have a public meeting tomorrow at 6 pm

The agenda covers a range of significant items. There's a City Council Work Session on Capital Projects and considerations for grants, including one for addressing early Syphilis. They will also discuss the release of funds for the Youth Support Network, grant applications related to housing obstacles and youth violence prevention, and the receipt of Annual and Attendance Reports for Council Appointed Boards and Commissions. Lastly, the agenda features resolutions related to economic development activities, flood mitigation projects, flood resilience planning, transportation ridership incentives, and updates to the Flood Mitigation Pilot Grant Program and City Council Priorities Initiatives. Consideration of the City Council calendar concludes the agenda.

Alexandria City Board of Education

The Alexandria City School Board will have a joint board session with the Alexandria City Council today at 5 pm but unfortunately, the agenda has not been made public.


Arlington County

Arlington County Board

The Arlington County Board will not have a public meeting this week.

Arlington County School Board

The Arlington County School Board will hold a public meeting on Thursday. This week the Board will discuss the Amendment of the FY2024 Adopted Budget, which is a crucial financial matter.

Moving on to the information items, the board will discuss the Deed of Easement (which gives a person the right to use another's real property for a specific purpose) at Cardinal Elementary School for the County Stormwater Facility, addressing infrastructure concerns. Additionally, the Deed of Easement at Kenmore Middle School for the ART Bus Shelter is on the agenda, emphasizing public transportation. The Board will also discuss their 2024 Legislative Package,


Fairfax County

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will hold a full committee meeting tomorrow at 9:30 am. The agenda for the comprises a series of key items to be discussed and decided upon.

The Board will make appointments to Citizen Boards, Authorities, Commissions, and Advisory Groups. They will also take action on several Administrative Items section. Several matters are addressed, including the addition of streets into the Secondary System in the Enclave of Burke, approval of "Watch for Children" signs in various districts as part of the Residential Traffic Administration Program, and authorization to advertise public hearings on zoning ordinance amendments and stormwater management assistance fund administration.

Additionally, there is authorization to advertise a public hearing on acquiring land rights for the Innovation Station North Neighborhood Access Shared Use Path and approval of grant funding applications for wheelchair lift-equipped vehicles. In the Action Items section, the agenda includes approval of economic incentive program applications for various entities, amendments to a project administration agreement with the Virginia Department of Transportation, and a resolution supporting additional regional projects for funding consideration.

Fairfax County School Board

The Fairfax County School Board will hold a full Board meeting on Thursday of this week. During the meeting with the Board, the Relationships with Families and Community Stakeholders (EE-3) Monitoring Report and a Policy Review concerning Relationships with Families and Community Stakeholders (EE-3) will be discussed.The Board will also discuss the FY 2024 Revised Budget and Secondary Course Offerings. The Secondary Course Offering, scheduled for action on November 9, 2023, seeks approval for changes to the middle and high school offerings list for the 2024-2025 school year. The Course Review Committee recommends these changes.


Staying informed about local policies is of utmost importance as they significantly impact our daily lives. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed about these proceedings and engage with their local representatives to contribute to the decision-making process and ensure their voices are heard. CLPA will provide continual updates throughout the week on any new development here on our site, on Twitter: @LocalPolicyCTR, and on Facebook @localpolicycenter.



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