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CLPA List of Upcoming DC Area Policy Meetings (November 27- December 1)

Discover the latest updates and key developments in local government activities across the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond in our weekly comprehensive report. From legislative meetings to policy reviews, budget discussions, and educational initiatives, this update provides a concise overview of essential matters shaping the future of these regions.

Whether you're a concerned citizen, policymaker, or simply interested in staying informed about local governance, this report offers valuable insights into the decisions and actions that impact your community. Dive into the details of government agendas and stay up-to-date on the critical issues that shape the fabric of these diverse and dynamic localities.

See a full list of meetings below.

District of Columbia

DC Council

The DC Council will not hold a Legislative Meeting this week. The next Legislative meeting will occur on Tuesday, December 5th.

DC State Board of Education

The DC State Board of Education will not have a public meeting this week.



Maryland General Assembly:

The Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate are currently adjourned and not in session.

However, please see Maryland General Assembly 2023 Dates of Interest for information about pre-filed bills.


Charles County

Board of Charles County Commissioners

The Board of Charles County Commissioners will meet this Tuesday at 9 am and a 6 pm where, among other agenda items, the Board will have a public hearing on Bill 2023-(12) Removal of Elected County Commissioner."

Charles County Board of Education

The Charles County Board of Education will met today for their Legislative Breakfast. During the meeting, the Board discussed BOE legislative priorities, compensation for the BOE and SMOB scholarship, and an assessment of the Blueprint Law's implications for the 2024 legislative season. Later today, at 4:30, the Board will have a work session, where they will discuss Policy 1820 related to educational equity, a presentation on eligibility criteria for extracurricular activities and athletics, and a report on the Blueprint Presentation's 75/25 funding requirement.


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council will meet tomorrow at 9 pm. Note that the public hearings for Bill 42-23, which pertains to the requirement of menstrual products in public restrooms, along with the Resolution to adopt it as a Board of Health Regulation, have been rescheduled to Tuesday, December 12, 2023, at 11:30 a.m., instead of the originally planned date of December 5, 2023.

Montgomery County Board of Education

The Montgomery County Board of Education will not hold a business meeting this week.


Prince George's County

Prince George's County Council

The Prince George's County Council will be in recess this week.

Prince George's County Board of Education


Virginia General Assembly:

The Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate are adjourned and not in session.


Alexandria City

Alexandria City Council:

The Alexandria City Council will meet tomorrow at 5:30 pm. This week's agenda includes various items for discussion and consideration, such as an executive session to discuss potential business matters and public funds investment, receipt of the Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report, consideration of the Fiscal Year 2024 First Quarter Capital Projects Status Report, acceptance of a deed of quitclaim to Douglass Cemetery, acceptance of a gift from the Mortar and Pestle Society. They also discuss the removal of City Board, Commission, and Committee members for missing Oaths of Office and discuss various resolutions and reports related to city planning and initiatives.

Alexandria City Board of Education

The Alexandria County Board will have a Joint City Council/School Board Subcommittee Meeting on November 27 at 5 pm, followed by a Special Called School Board Meeting at 6:30 pm


Arlington County

Arlington County Board

The Arlington County Board will not have a Board meeting this week.

Arlington County School Board

The Arlington County School Board will meet on Thursday at 7 pm this week.

The agenda includes monitoring items related to school safety and action items on middle and high school programs of study. Information items cover construction contracts for school renovations and proposed revisions to school year calendars. Finally, there is an item related to the 2024-2030 APS Strategic Plan Foundations.


Fairfax County

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will not hold a full committee meeting this week.

Fairfax County School Board

The Fairfax County School Board will not hold a full school board meeting this week.


CLPA will provide continual updates throughout the week on any new development here on our site, on Twitter: @LocalPolicyCTR, and on Facebook @localpolicycenter.



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