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CLPA List of Upcoming DC Area Policy Meetings (May 28- May 31)

Discover the latest updates and key developments in local government activities across the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond in our weekly comprehensive report. From legislative meetings to policy reviews, budget discussions, and educational initiatives, this update provides a concise overview of essential matters shaping the future of these regions.

Whether you're a concerned citizen, policymaker, or simply interested in staying informed about local governance, this report offers valuable insights into the decisions and actions that impact your community. Dive into the details of government agendas and stay up-to-date on the critical issues that shape the fabric of these diverse and dynamic localities.

See a complete list of meetings below.

District of Columbia

DC Council

The DC Council will not have a legislative meeting this week.

DC State Board of Education

The DC State Board of Education will not have a public meeting this week.



Maryland General Assembly:

The Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate have adjourned for the year and will be back in session in January 2025.


Charles County

Board of Charles County Commissioners

The Board of Charles County Commissioners will not have a public meeting this week.


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council will not have a public meeting this week.

Montgomery County Board of Education

The Montgomery County Board of Education will not have a public meeting this week.


Prince George's County

Prince George's County Council

The Prince George's County Council met today at 10 am. Key legislation included CB-046-2024, which mandates locks on commercial trash containers to prevent overflow, and CB-047-2024, which establishes a health program for Prince George's County residents ineligible for existing healthcare programs. Additionally, CB-048-2024 discussed the reallocation of funds within the approved Fiscal Year 2024 Capital Budget for various infrastructure and development projects, while CB-049-2024 proposed changes to the application of sales and use tax on telecommunications services.

Other significant legislation included CB-050-2024, which addresses staffing level approvals for County agencies, and CB-051-2024, which modifies the County Auditor's term and removal conditions. CB-052-2024 aims to exempt qualified data centers from certain subdivision regulations. The Council also introduced resolutions, including CR-047-2024, which supports the issuance of bonds for the Cassidy Apartments project, and CR-048-2024, which authorizes the filing of federal and state transportation grant applications for Fiscal Year 2025. Public hearings were held for appointments to the Fire Commission and briefings were provided on the Individuals with Disabilities Commission and housing and community development plans.

Prince George's County Board of Education

The Prince George's County Board of Education will not meet this week.



Virginia General Assembly:

The Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate have adjourned for the 2024 session. They will be back in session in January 2025.


Alexandria City

Alexandria City Council:

The Alexandria City Council will hold a legislative meeting at 7 pm today. The Council will present proclamations recognizing Jewish American Heritage Month and Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week. Updates will be provided on short-term rentals and the 2024 General Assembly. The Council will consider the submission of a grant application to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for the Adopt-A-Park Litter Control Program and a loan to Wesley Housing for partial renovations of Parc Square Apartments.

Additionally, the Council is scheduled to authorize the issuance of revenue bonds by the Industrial Development Authority for Goodwin House Incorporated. They will also amend the Business Improvement Service District Guidelines and discuss a resolution to identify city priorities for federal funding opportunities. The meeting also included oral reports from Council members on various boards and commissions and a review of the City Council calendar.

Alexandria City Board of Education

The Alexandria City Board of Education will not have a full public meeting this week.


Arlington County

Arlington County Board

The Arlington County Board will hold a Special Board meeting today. The primary agenda item will be the County Manager's presentation of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2025-2034 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This plan outlines the proposed infrastructure and development projects for the next decade, detailing the allocation of resources and prioritization of projects to support the county's growth and development needs. Additionally, the Board will discuss and recommend adopting a revised Calendar Year 2024 County Board Meeting Schedule. The revised schedule aims to better accommodate the Board's workflow and ensure effective governance throughout the year.

Arlington County School Board

The Arlington County School Board will hold Work Sessions on its Capital Improvement Plan on Thursday at 9 a.m. These work sessions aim to review and plan for long-term infrastructure and facility needs within the district. Discussions will include examining the current state of school facilities, prioritizing renovation and construction projects, and allocating funding to meet these needs over the upcoming years. In the afternoon, the Board will conduct a work session on the Strategic Plan focusing on the development of the district's goals and priorities for the next six years. This session will discuss key areas such as strengthening partnerships, providing multiple pathways to success for all students, ensuring operational excellence, promoting the health and safety of students, and maintaining an engaged workforce. The session included discussions on community engagement, setting priority areas, and outlining the next steps for implementing the strategic plan.


Fairfax County

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will not meet this week.

Fairfax County School Board

Fairfax County School Board will not hold a public meeting this week.


CLPA will provide continual updates throughout the week on any new developments on our site, on Twitter: @LocalPolicyCTR, and on Facebook @localpolicycenter.



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