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CLPA List of Upcoming DC Area Policy Meetings (May 14- May 17)

Discover the latest updates and key developments in local government activities across the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond in our weekly comprehensive report. From legislative meetings to policy reviews, budget discussions, and educational initiatives, this update provides a concise overview of essential matters shaping the future of these regions.

Whether you're a concerned citizen, policymaker, or simply interested in staying informed about local governance, this report offers valuable insights into the decisions and actions that impact your community. Dive into the details of government agendas and stay up-to-date on the critical issues that shape the fabric of these diverse and dynamic localities.

See a complete list of meetings below.

District of Columbia

DC Council

The DC Council will not have a legislative meeting this week.

DC State Board of Education

The DC State Board of Education will have a public meeting tomorrow at 5:30. The Board will discuss the "Out-of-School Time Programs and Policies" discussions. The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) oversees the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant program in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education, providing grants and information on various out-of-school time opportunities. The meeting will so have a vote on several resolutions, including SR24-11 supporting the adoption of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Standards, SR24-12 on State Board Priorities for Artificial Intelligence in Education, SR24-13 advocating for a greater commitment to Dual Enrollment Programs, SR24-14 establishing an Education as a Civil Right Working Group, and SR24-15 appointing Representatives to External Committees.



Maryland General Assembly:

The Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate have adjourned for the year and will be back in session in January 2025.


Charles County

Board of Charles County Commissioners

The Board of Charles County Commissioners will meet today at 9 am to discuss several significant matters. They will address financial adjustments, respond to a report on emergency services, and work on a partnership agreement between schools and recreation departments. During the morning session, they received updates on health department reports, discussed mediation services, reviewed renewable energy legislation, and explored the possibility of placing a county logo on a water tower for promotional purposes. In the afternoon, they will hold public hearings where citizens can provide input on proposed changes to building codes, zoning maps, and community development plans.


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council will meet on Thursday at 10:00 a.m. There will be worksessions and actions on resolutions concerning FY25 Transportation Fees, Solid Waste Service Charges, Water Quality Protection Charge, WSSCWater System Development Charge, and Executive Regulation 6-24 on Systems Benefit Charges Residential Waste Estimates. The TE Committee recommends approval for these resolutions. Additionally, there will be worksessions on the FY25 Operating Budget and FY25-30 Capital Improvements Program (CIP), including discussions on Capital Budget Wrap-Up, CIP Reconciliation, Operating Budget Wrap-Up, and Reconciliation. The meeting will adjourn after these agenda items are addressed.

Montgomery County Board of Education

The Montgomery County Board of Education will not have a public meeting this week.


Prince George's County

Prince George's County Council

The Prince George's County Council will not meet this week.

Prince George's County Board of Education

The Prince George's County Board of Education will not meet this week.



Virginia General Assembly:

The Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate have adjourned for the 2024 session. They will be back in session in January 2025.


Alexandria City

Alexandria City Council:

The Alexandria City Council will hold a legislative meeting at 7 pm today, and several items will be discussed and considered. These include representing a proclamation for the 65th Anniversary of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., recognizing May as Building Safety Month, acknowledging the graduates of the City Academy and Junior City Academy participants, and providing updates on Duke Street Projects. The Council will receive resignations from members of Boards, Commissions, and Committees, review applications for the Commission of the Year Impact Award, and make uncontested appointments for various boards and commissions.

The Council will consider the Monthly Financial Report, discuss grant applications for community violence intervention and substance use disorder treatment, introduce ordinances related to taxation, zoning, and public right-of-way, appoint members to various commissions, update City Council priorities initiatives, and consider requests from the Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Authority and amendments to city codes.

Alexandria City Board of Education

The Alexandria City Board of Education will have a public meeting this week.


Arlington County

Arlington County Board

The Arlington County Board will not hold a public Board meeting this week.

Arlington County School Board

The Arlington County School Board will hold a closed meeting at 5:30 p.m. followed by a public School Board Meeting at 7 p.m. The public meeting will commence with the presentation of colors by the Arlington Career Center Space Force JROTC Cadet Corps and recognitions for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month and JROTC Cadets. Consent items on the agenda include the approval of minutes, personnel actions, and revisions to School Board policies. The meeting will also feature announcements and updates from the Board and Superintendent, public comment opportunities, action items such as a Career Center name change and proposed legislative positions, and information items including the Superintendent's Proposed FY 2025-34 Capital Improvement Plan and Barcroft Elementary School Roof Replacement Emergency Procurement Award.


Fairfax County

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will not meet this week.

Fairfax County School Board

Fairfax County School Board will not hold a public meeting this week, but there will be a public hearing today at 6:30 pm on the FY25 Proposed Budget.


CLPA will provide continual updates throughout the week on any new developments on our site, on Twitter: @LocalPolicyCTR, and on Facebook @localpolicycenter.



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