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Charles County Commissioners to hold a hearing on their "Preliminary 2023 Legislative Proposals"

As we near the end of 2022, legislative bodies are beginning to look toward their 2023 policy agenda, the Charles County Board of Commissioners is no exception. On Wednesday, September 14th at 6:00 pm, the Board will conduct a public hearing to consider their "Preliminary 2023 State Legislative Proposals."

This hearing will discuss various policy proposals the County government will recommend to their representatives in the Maryland General Assembly to prefile as bills for the 2023 session. It is advantageous for a bill to be prefiled in advance of the legislative session since prefiled bills are more likely to be passed. This year, the deadline for prefiling legislation in the Maryland General Assembly is November 20th. Those interested in testifying on any of the proposals can do so either in person, written, or virtually. Written or recorded testimony will be accepted from September 2nd, starting at 8 a.m., through September 23rd at 5:00 p.m. Those interested can find more information about testifying or submitting testimony on the Charles County Government website.

Below is a list of the 19 legislative proposals to be discussed in September:

  1. A proposal to adopt legislation to legalize golf carts and low speed vehicles on Cobb Island.

  2. A proposal to adopt legislation requiring emergency inpatient psychiatric admission be available in Charles County and every county in Maryland.

  3. A proposal to adopt legislation to reduce the speed limits at all Indian Head Rail Trail crossings to 30 miles an hour.

  4. A proposal to adopt legislation to hire 25 Family and Community Engagement Liaisons for Charles County Public Schools.

  5. A proposal to adopt legislation allowing for a creation of a new Alcohol Gift Basket Retailer to allow for alcohol to be included in personalized gift baskets.

  6. A proposal to adopt legislation that would mandate Public School buses to have adequate air Conditioning that cools the bus to 70 degrees with the maximum number of students, drivers, and attendants on board.

  7. A proposal to adopt legislation to have a lead testing study concerning J.C. Parks Elementary and Matthew Henson Middle Schools' students, faculty, and their families.

  8. A proposal to adopt legislation that would change the minimum age requirement for Charles County School Board from 21 years old to 18 years old.

  9. A proposal to adopt legislation that would mandate a property owner to recognize the rights of tenants to organize a union in any building with 3 or more units or houses that are owned by the same property owner.

  10. A proposal to adopt legislation to reduce speed on Bannister Circle and allow use of speed cameras.

  11. A proposal to amend the Alcoholic Beverages Article to include an "Agritourism License" in Charles County.

  12. A proposal to adopt legislation that would prohibit an unlicensed establishment from allowing the consumption of alcohol on their premises.

  13. A proposal to adopt legislation to prohibit operating unregistered motor vehicles, such as all-terrain vehicles, from being operated on a highway.

  14. A proposal to ensure posting notifications of newly introduced legislation and enacted legislation is sufficient when the bill is posted to an internet website ordinarily used by the public body to provide information to the public.

  15. A proposal to provide housing relief for seniors in the form of mandated rent stabilization.

  16. A proposal to define "blighted property" as a sub-classification in the Tax-.General Article.

  17. A proposal to create a Housing Trust Fund in Charles County.

  18. A proposal to establish a Maryland Commission for Civil Rights office in Charles County.

  19. A proposal to provide a senior residents tax discount.

To read the Preliminary 2023 State Legislative Proposals in their entirety, please go to this link.



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