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2023 Maryland General Assembly Prefiled Bills

Before every new legislative session, state legislatures across the country prefile bills to be introduced once the state legislature officially begins. The prefiling provides legislative staff more time to draft legislation. It also allows committees to establish an agenda to work on the bill before the first week of the session so they can immediately start the legislative process when the session convenes. As a result, bills that are prefiled have a better chance of being enacted.

Below are links to those bills profiled in the Maryland General Assembly provided by LegiScan. CLPA will provide updates and analysis of bills it determines to have the greatest impact.

Maryland General Assembly Prefiled bills

  1. Income Tax - Subtraction Modification - Retirement Income

  2. Natural Resources – Blue and Flathead Catfish Finfish Trotline License – Establishment

  3. Criminal Procedure - Custodial Interrogation - Codification

  4. Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Services - Journeyman License - Qualifications

  5. Execution on a Judgment – Child Support Arrearages – Workers’ Compensation

  6. Natural Resources - Recreational Crabbing License - Exemption

  7. Department of Natural Resources – Documents – Digital or Electronic Issuance

  8. Circuit Courts and District Court - Dishonored Checks - Service Charges

  9. Public Safety – Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission

  10. Ballot Access - Affiliating With a Party - Unaffiliated Voters

  11. Property Tax - Exemption for Dwellings of Disabled Veterans - Application

  12. Baltimore City Soil Conservation District - Establishment - Requirements

  13. Criminal Procedure - Expungement - Mistaken Identity

  14. Department of Planning - Collateral Consequences for Individuals With Criminal Records - Study

  15. Department of Transportation – Consolidated Transportation Program and Debt Limit of Grant Anticipation Revenue Vehicle Bonds (State and Federal Transportation Funding Act)

  16. Howard County - Archery Hunting - Safety Zone and Position of Archery Hunter

  17. Property Tax – Municipal Corporation Business Personal Property Tax Rate – Alterations

  18. Economic Development - Maryland Stadium Authority - Charles County Sports and Wellness Center

  19. Property Tax – Constant Yield Tax Rate – Notice Requirements

  20. Baltimore City - Property Tax - Retroactive Exemption

  21. Recordation Tax – Purchase Money Mortgage or Purchase Money Deed of Trust – Extent of Exemption

  22. Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Collaborative Care Model Services – Implementation and Reimbursement Expansion

  23. 9–8–8 Trust Fund – Funding

  24. Minority Business Enterprise Procurement Contract Financing

  25. Maryland Nonprofit Development Center Program – Nonprofit, Interest–Free, Micro Bridge Loan (NIMBL) Account – Funding

  26. Insurance and Maryland Medical Assistance Program – Treatment of Alopecia Areata – Coverage Requirements

  27. Funding for Wage Increases for Medical Provider Workers

  28. Courts - Judgments - Exemptions From Execution

  29. Correctional Services - Geriatric and Medical Parole

  30. Criminal Law - Wearing, Carrying, or Transporting Firearms - Restrictions (Gun Safety Act of 2023)

  31. State Finance and Procurement - Grants - Prompt Payment Requirement

  32. Income Tax - Credit for Pet-Friendly Rental Dwelling Units

  33. Criminal Procedure - Automatic Expungement - Pardoned Conviction of Possession of Cannabis (Pardons for Simple Possession of Cannabis Act of 2023)

  34. Police Retention Workgroup

  35. Counties - Construction of Sidewalks and Crosswalks - Safe Alternative Routes to Public Schools

  36. Office of the Attorney General - Correctional Ombudsman

  37. Disaster Service and Uniformed Services Leave Modernization Act of 2023

  38. Places of Public Accommodation and Public Buildings - Gender-Inclusive Signage

  39. Public Information Act - Inspection of Records From Body-Worn Digital Recording Devices

  40. Courts – Remote Public Access

  41. Housing and Community Development - Homeowner's Extreme Weather Mitigation and Preparation Grant Program

  42. Criminal Procedure - Restorative Justice Program

  43. Elections - Ballot Questions - Publication of Proposed Laws

  44. Correctional Services - Medical Parole - Life Imprisonment

  45. Sales and Use Tax - Tax-Free Period - Spring School Shopping

  46. Labor and Employment - Apprenticeships and Representation on the Apprenticeship and Training Council

  47. Maryland Longitudinal Data System Center - Student FAFSA Data - Reporting Requirement

  48. Higher Education - The Senator Delores G. Kelley Scholarship Program - Establishment

  49. Maryland Medical Assistance Program, Maryland Children’s Health Program, and Social Services Programs – Eligibility and Enrollment

  50. Property Tax Exemption - Religious Group or Organization - Third-Party Leases



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