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2022 Montgomery County Delegation prefiled bills

On Tuesday, CLPA highlighted the 2022 legislation coming out of the Prince George’s County House Delegation. Today we highlight the 2022 pre-filed bills from the Montgomery County Delegation. There are several bills related to alcoholic beverages, transportation (including the ICC) , and the Board of Education for this legislative cycle. To see a list of bi-county bills with the Prince George's County Delegation, please see CLPA's update from yesterday.

List of Montgomery County Delegation 2022 bills:


  • MC 6-22-Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - Consumption Only Marketplace License

  • MC 7-22-Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class 7 Micro-Brewery License

  • MC 12-22-Montgomery County - Damascus - Alcoholic Beverages - Class B Beer, Wine, and Liquor License Referendum

  • MC 21-22-Montgomery County – Alcoholic Beverages – Class D Beer and Wine License – Farm Breweries and Limited Wineries

  • MC 23-22-Montgomery County - Alcoholic Beverages - Class B Beer, Wine, and Liquor (Clubhouse/Lodge) License - Manufacturer's Licenses


  • MC 8-22-Montgomery County - Economic Development - Business Improvement Districts


  • MC 4-22-Montgomery County Board of Education - Election of Members

  • MC 5-22-Montgomery County - Board of Education - Student Member Scholarship

  • MC 16-22-Montgomery County - Board of Education - Membership


  • MC 1-22-Montgomery County - Business Regulation - Landlord License


  • MC 15-22-Montgomery County - Special Taxing Districts - Real Property Tax Rates


  • MC 18-22-Montgomery County - Automated Traffic Enforcement - Implementing Agency

  • MC 3-22-Montgomery County - Speed and School Bus Monitoring Systems

  • MC 22-22-Montgomery County - Speed Monitoring Systems - Maryland Route 200 (Intercounty Connector)


  • MC 13-22-Montgomery County - Voting Methods

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