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2022 Prince George’s County House Delegation prefiled bills

Recently the Prince George’s County House Delegation held a public hearing on pre-filed bills for the 2022 legislative session of the Maryland General Assembly.The list of prefiled bills included a number of bi-county bills with the Montgomery County Delagation as well as a number of bills covering a number of topics including education, taxes and WSSC.

List of Prince George’s County House Delegation 2022 bills:

Bi-County bills:

  • PG/MC 100-22: Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission – Montgomery County – County Council and District Council – Voting Thresholds

  • PG/MC 101-22: Montgomery County Planning Board – Open Meetings – Video and Audio Streaming and Minutes

  • PG/MC 103-22: Bi-County Commissions – Ethics – Certification of Compliance

  • PG/MC 109-22: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – Plumbing and Fuel Gas Services – Licenses and Penalties

  • PG/MC 105-22: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – Minority Business Enterprise Utilization Program – Termination Extension

  • PG/MC 106–22: Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission – Hiring and Promotion Preferences – Veterans and Their Spouses

  • PG/MC 107-22: Montgomery County – Land Use Documents – Certification

  • PG/MC 111-22: Washington Suburban Transit Commission – Montgomery County Commissioners – Repeal of Term Limit

Alcohol sales

  • PG 401–22: Prince George’s County – Alcoholic Beverages – Sunday Off–Sale Permits

  • PG 404–22: Prince George’s County – Alcoholic Beverages – Transfer of Class A Beer, Wine, and Liquor License


  • PG 402–22: Prince George’s County – Municipal Tax Setoff, School Facilities Surcharge, and Public Safety and Behavioral Health Surcharge – Reports


  • PG 403–22: Prince George’s County – Cooperative Housing Corporations, Condominiums, and Homeowners Associations – Reserve Studies


  • PG 503-22: Prince George’s County – Task Force on the Membership and Operation of the Prince George’s County Board of Education

  • PG 505-22: Prince George’s County – Non-school Use of Public School Facilities

General Assembly

  • PG 502-22: Prince George’s County – General Assembly Vacancies – Central Committee Vote

As the 2022 session progresses more bills will be added to this list. The Delagation will update that list on their website as more legislation CLPA is introduced. We will provide analysis on these bills and others introduced as needed.



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