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Update: Bills forwarded to full PGC House Delegation (Includes School Board Restructuring Bill)

This week the Prince George's County House Delegation voted out a forwarded a number of bills to the full Delegation. Here are the results of the votes. Note the much-publicized bill to reform the Prince Georges's County School Board from a hybrid to a full elected board was forwarded to the Delegation. Please utilize the zip file at the end of this report to view all legislation that the subcommittees forwarded to the full Delagation.

Education Subcommittee Meeting (Click here for the meeting playback)

Title: Prince George’s County – School Board Districts – Redistricting Plan (PG 507–22)

Sponsor: Prince George’s County Delegation

Amendments: None

Recommendation: FAV (4–0)

Bill Summary: This bill alters the boundaries of the school board districts for the election of the members of the Prince George’s County Board of Education. The alterations are consistent with the information reported to the U.S. Bureau of the Census as part of the 2020 Census Redistricting Data Program. This bill is an emergency bill.

Background: The elected members of the Prince George’s Board of Education are elected from nine districts by the residents of the districts. The districts are defined in Education Article, § 3-1001, which was adopted in Chapter 3, Section 1 of the Special Session of 2011.

Law Enforcement Subcommittee (Click here for the meeting playback)

Title: Prince George’s County – Alcoholic Beverages – Grocery Stores (PG 304–22)

Sponsor: Delegate Fisher

Recommendation: FWA (4–1 (no)–1 (pass)

  • Delegate Marvin Holmes voted "No"

  • Delegate Karen Toles voted to "Pass"

Amendments: Yes

  • With the Committee’s amendment, the qualifying establishments are changed from certified supermarkets to grocery stores, which are defined as stores that have all major food departments, has more than 50% of their total sales from food sales, and has dedicated at least 50% of its floor space to food sales.

  • The grocery store must be located within the 24th or 47th legislative district and certified by the County Council as a Health Food Priority Area, or located in specific areas within the 25th legislative district. The amendment allows a holder to apply to convert the license into a Class D license and removes the limit of 3 licenses in any single legislative district.

Bill Summary: Prior to the Committee’s amendment, this bill allows the Board of License

Commissioners for Prince George’s County to issue Class A beer and light wine licenses for use in supermarkets that have been certified by the Prince George’s County Council as being located within a food desert or food swamp. The bill imposes a limit of three Class A licenses in any single legislative district.

Background: In general, a Class A beer and light wine license authorize the holder of the

license to sell beer and light wine, at retail, at the place described in the license. The beer and light wine must be sealed in a package or container and may not be consumed on the premises. Current law prohibits the Board from issuing a license that has an off-sale privilege to supermarkets unless the establishment held the license on January 1, 1973.

Prior introduction: Similar to HB 617 of 2021 and HB 291 of 2020.

Bill Title: Prince George’s County – Alcoholic Beverages – Limits (PG 305–22)

Sponsor: Senator Patterson

Recommendation: FAV (6–0)

Amendments: None

Bill Summary: Increases the maximum number of Class B beer, wine, and liquor licenses from

185, to 215.

Background: In general, class B licenses authorize the license holder to sell the alcohol

specified by the license at retail at a hotel or restaurant on the premises described in the license for on-premises consumption.

County Affairs Subcommittee (Click here for the meeting playback)

Title: Prince George’s County – Recreation Authority – Authorization (PG 406–22)

Sponsor: Del. Charles

Amendments: Yes.

  • The composition of the Workgroup is expanded and further clarified;

  • The legislative intent is clarified to provide that any employer of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission who transfers to the authority shall retain their benefits in effect at the transfer; and

  • The bill is altered to have an emergency effective date.

Recommendation: FWA (5–0)

Bill Summary: This bill authorizes the governing body of Prince George’s County to

create a county recreation authority to oversee youth sports and recreation in the county. It

also establishes the Prince George’s County Recreation Authority Blue Ribbon Workgroup

which will study and make recommendations on various issues regarding the authority

prior to the authority’s establishment, including what powers, functions, and funding the

authority should have. The Workgroup’s report is due on December 1, 2022.

Download ZIP • 1.41MB



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