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Resolution to establish process for Police Accountability Board selection introduced (PGC Council)

The week the Prince George's County Council introduced a resolution (CR-090-2022) to establish the public engagement process to select members of the Police Accountability Board (PAB). This resolution was introduced due to the enactment of CB-21-2022, which implemented House Bill 670, the Maryland General Assembly's Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021-Police Discipline and Law Enforcement Programs and Procedures.

In July of this year, to improve policing in the community, the Prince George's County Council enacted CB-021-2022 establishing the PAB, the Administrative Charging Committee (ACC), and the Trial Boards. In addition, CB-021-2022 covered other general provisions and incorporates state mandates for law enforcement from the Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021. The PAB will also receive police misconduct complaints, review disciplinary outcomes, and make recommendations for policy changes to improve police accountability.

The PAB will have eleven members, all at least 21 years old, and residents of Prince George's County. Five of the members will be nominated by the County Executive, five members will be nominated by the County Council. The last member will be the chair of the board, who is nominated by the County Executive. CB-021-2022 also mandated that the members of the Board reflect the racial, ethnic, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and cultural and geographic diversity of the County. The Board is required to include members with a range of professional or lived experiences.

As for who can not serve on the PAB. CB-21-2022 states that one can not be a member if they are:

  • An active police or law enforcement officer;

  • Employee of the Prince George’s County government;

  • Employee of the Office of the Sheriff of Prince George’s County;

  • Employee of a municipality located within Prince George’s County

  • Employee of Maryland State government;

  • An elected official or candidate for political office within the County government,

  • State government or municipality within Prince George’s County; or

  • A former police officer on the “do not call” list of the State’s Attorney.

It is explicitly stated in CB-21-2022 that no more than one former police or law enforcement officer is able to serve on the PAB.

The resolution lays out the following process for selecting members. Below is a summary of the process:

  1. The Council will ask for qualification statements from anyone in the county interested in serving who meets the criteria pursuant to County Code. The Council's request will be listed in the County newspapers, social media outlets, the Council website, and public announcements.

  2. The public will get an opportunity to hear from prospective nominees at an informational meeting/listening session hosted by the Council, which will be in person or remotely.

  3. Questions from the public may be submitted in advance of the information meeting/ listening session.

  4. Prospective nominees, during the listening session, will make an opening statement, followed by a moderated question/answer period.

  5. To be confirmed to serve, the nominee must receive a majority vote of the full Council in a public session.

The resolution is at the being of the legislative process and will be next heard in committee if there are any questions or concerns about this resolution, please contact Council Chair Calvin Hawkins at his office (301) 952-2195 or via email:


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