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Prince George's County Enacts FY2022 Budget

The Prince George's County Council recently enacted its FY2022 Budget at $4.6 billion by a unanimous vote. This year's budget, which is $80.2 million higher than the FY2021 level, will take effect on July 2021.

Prince George’s was allocated $176 million through the American Rescue Plan, according to an interview from the Washington Post, County Council Chair Calvin S. Hawkins II (D-At Large) said the relief money would provide “an important lifeline” for the county, whose budget represents a relatively small 2.2 percent increase from last year. The county pulled $30 million from its reserve funds to balance its budget last year and will take $43 million this year to make up the gap between what revenue was projected and how much came in.

A few highlights from this year budget include:

  • Funding to support a partnership between the Health and Police departments to improve Mobile Crisis Intervention initiatives, including the addition of mental health crisis workers to 911 and expansion of mental health crisis teams.

  • Additional funding for officer recruitment from Prince George’s County and to ensure adequate staffing.

  • Increased in funding for Federally Qualified Health Centers;

  • The hiring of a consultant for a 10-year Homeless Plan update;

  • An increase in funding for the County’s Youth Services bureaus;

  • Support for a Fair Housing Program to address unfair, wrongful evictions;

  • Increased funding for the County’s Developmental Disabilities Administration, to reduce the devastating impact of COVID-19 on operations.

  • Funding for housing rehabilitation along the Purple Line Corridor;

  • Funding to the Economic Development Corporation to support Purple Line Corridor businesses.

  • There are also monies to develop and deploy the Prince George’s Supply Schedule in the County’s Office of Central Services, providing opportunities for County-based businesses

  • Support for a countywide flood assessment by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.



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