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Ordinance Spotlight: Zoning changes passed in two ordinances (Alexandria City Council)

This week there were two ordinances introduced and passed on their first reading in the Alexandria City Council. These ordinances will amend the City's Master Plan and change the zoning designation of two neighborhoods.

  • Ordinance 22-0638-Would change the land use designation for Seminary Hill/Strawberry Hill Area. The master plan would be amended by amending Map 29 13 Seminary Hill/Strawberry Hill Land Use to change the land use designation from RL/residential low to RM/residential medium for 4575, 4555, and 4557 Seminary Road. The RL designation means residential low (RL), which is defined as “low density, semi-detached single-family housing, primarily duplex.”This change would designate Seminary Hill/Strawberry Hill as “residential medium (RM) is intended to provide for areas appropriate for multi-unit residential developments containing attached or detached dwelling units.

  • Ordinance 22-0640- This ordinance would rezone property at 4575, 4555, and 4547 Seminary Road from R-8/Single-family zone to RA/Multifamily zone. The R-8/Single-family zone is a designation to provide and maintain land areas for low-density residential neighborhoods of single-family homes on 8,000 square foot lots. A RA/Multifamily zone is designated for medium density residential neighborhoods in which apartments predominate and in which single-family, two-family, and townhouse development are permitted.

If you have any questions about these ordinances and how they will affect your property please contact Mayor Wilson's office at (703)746-4550 or via the City's online contact form.



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