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Ordinance Spotlight: Senior Housing Special Exceptions (PGC Council)

In the Prince Geroge's County Council, an ordinance (CB-083-2021) is in its second reading concerning apartment housing for the elderly This bill would allow senior apartment housing in the County's R-18 Zones.

An R-18 Zone is designated for multigmaily "medium density residential" property, meaning apartments. Though there could be single-family detached, single-family attached, or two family and three family dwellings built as long as they met the zoning guidelines. This bill will allow age-restricted development in certain residentially zoned areas of the County with certain density and without a special exception.

The Prince George's County Planning Board in its analysis and vote opposed the ordinance citing number unintended consequences. They stated that a number of sections were unclear specifically the section discussion the requirement for a special exception application. The Planning Board also noted that they are on about to implement their 21 Century Subdivision and zoning Ordinance and requested that the Council not make any changes to the current zoning ordinances.

This ordiance of presented and proposed by Council Member Turner. If you have questions about this ordinance purpose or status please contact the Council Member's office.



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