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Ordinance Spotlight: Electric vehicle charging stations and distance requirements (PGC Council)

The Prince George’s County Council recently advanced CB-48-2021, “an ordinance concerning gas stations- Special Exception requirements-Electric vehicle charging stations and distance requirements” to its third reading. This means at an upcoming council meeting CB-48-2021will soon be voted on to be adopted by the Council.

This legislation, if enacted, would amend the County’s Zoning Ordinance definition for 'Gas station' to clarify that all County gas stations may add electric vehicle charging stations, a change which the Council notes serve the goals of sustainability and clean energy. The bill would also amend regulations for gas stations that are subject to “Special Exception” approval. County regulations would mandate that gas stations be located at least 300 feet from land that is either residentially zoned or that contains structures used as residences, must have at least two electric vehicle charging stations on the gas station site for public use. The Prince George’s County Planning Department Information Management Division staff stated that in 2019 there were 277 gas stations some of which have Special Exception approvals and some of which are permitted uses that do not require Special Exception approval.

The sponsor of CB-48-2021 is Councilmember Dannielle M. Glaros. If you have a question about the bill or want information on the scheduling of the next vote, please contact their office at (301) 952-3060 or email at



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