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Ordinance: Alexandria City Master Plan update (Alexandria City Council)

This Alexandria City Council made an amendment to the city's Master Plan. The Alexandria Master Plan is made up of 18 Small Area Plans covering neighborhoods throughout the city, as well as topical chapters of citywide relevancy. Chapter of the Master plan includes the:

  • Alexandria West Small Area Plan

  • Beauregard Small Area Plan

  • Braddock Road Metro Station Small Area Plan

  • Eisenhower East Small Area Plan

  • Eisenhower West Small Area Plan

  • King Street Metro/Eisenhower Avenue Small Area Plan

  • Landmark/Van Dorn Small Area Plan

  • Northeast Small Area Plan

  • North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan

  • Northridge/Rosemont Small Area Plan

  • Old Town Small Area Plan

  • Old Town North Small Area Plan

  • Potomac West Small Area Plan

  • Potomac Yard/Potomac Greens Small Area Plan

  • Seminary Hill/Strawberry Hill Small Area Plan

  • Southwest Quadrant Small Area Plan

  • Taylor Run/Duke Street Small Area Plan

  • Waterfront Plan

The Citywide Chapters of the Master Plan include chapters on:

The amendment proposed by the Council would amend the Master Plan by replacing the Transportation Master Plan Chapter of the Master Plan with the Alexandria Mobility Plan (AMP), which was adopted by the Council on October 16th of this year. The AMP focuses on expanding high-quality transportation choices so transportation in the city continues to serve the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors as the region grows and new technology impacts the ways we get around. The community-driven planning process raised several priorities including reducing congestion, improving transit, cut-through traffic, and making the transportation system safer. This input informed a set of recommendations that will address these needs and improve access to safe and convenient travel choices for all Alexandria.

If you want to reach the Mayor and Members of the City Council, for more information about this ordinance call (703) 746-4500. You can also send a group e-mail to the Mayor and Members of the City Council using this link.



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