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Nine Nominees Confirmed to Serve on Inaugural Police Accountability Board in MoCo

This week the Montgomery County Council appointed nine individuals to serve on the newly established Police Accountability Board (PAB). As background in April

In April, the Council enacted Expedited Bill 49-21, which established a PAB and Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) for Montgomery County. This legislation was a response to the Maryland General Assemble enacting HB 670 in 2021, which created a new uniform procedure for police accountability and discipline, this new policy included the establishment of a PAB and an ACC in each county in Maryland. PABs and ACCs will be responsible for addressing alleged complaints of police misconduct by County police officers or officers of a local municipal police department filed by a member of the public. HB 670 required every county in Maryland to establish a PAB by July 1.

Montogomery County's inaugural PAB will consist of:

Annual compensation for the PAB members is $10,000. According to the Maryland Constitution, members may only receive compensation for one office, so while the chair of the PAB (or their designee) also serves on the ACC, they will receive annual compensation ($22,000) for one role. A copy of the Council's final report can be found here.

Below is a copy of how long each PAB member will serve:



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