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MoCo Council Vote Report:Paid Leave, Gender Inclusive Restrooms, Lactation Rooms in MoCo Buildings

Recently, before the August recess, the Montgomery County Council held votes on three important bills. Below are the results of those votes, as well as a brief description of each bill.

This bill would amend Montgomery County personnel and human resources laws to require the County to provide paid parental leave to its employees before the State Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program officially begins. The County would pay an employee’s salary, minus any benefits under the State Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program

This bill would require a single-user restroom to be located in public places (ex: restaurants, hotels, theaters, doctor's offices, pharmacies, etc) as well as buildings owned by Montgomery County to display a sign indicating it is an all-gender restroom. However, there are locations exempt from the requirement, this list would include private restrooms in a residence; a hospital; an inn, a hotel, a motel, or an establishment that provides lodging for transient guests. Restrooms only accessible from a private room or office would also be excluded.

This bill requires County buildings to either include a lactation room for its employees or for them to provide alternative accommodations to express breast milk. The bill also requires its employees to receive break time during work for their lactation needs. Education materials about lactation will be required to be posted on the Montgomery County Government website.



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