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Legislative term of the day: First, Second, and Third Reading

Today's legislative term of the week is actually THREE terms. When looking the status of a bill or resolution you will often see on of these three terms.

First reading

A bill in its first reading is first introduced to the legislative body or if is a body with a House or a Senate in one of the chamber. This bill is read loud for the for the first time, and assigned to a committee.

Second reading

A bill in its second reading has been "reported"out of the committee it was assigned to and brought to the legislative body's for preliminary approval. It is at this point there may or may not be amendments to the bill from the larger body that may be approved or rejected. Other than amendments there are no votes on the bill itself at this point..

Third reading

A bill that has made it through the legislative process to the third reading will be voted on for the final time by the legislative body. The results of the third vote will be recorded. The bill will then be presented to the executive branch for enactment or veto.



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