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Legislative Spotlight: Rental Housing Data Collection (PGC Council)

Today, Prince George's County Councilmember Dannielle Glaros presented CB-017-2022, "Rental Housing Data Collection," to the Council. CB-017-2022 would require the Prince George's County Executive to set up procedures to collect and analyze housing data for rental housing units in the County. The County would be required to centralize the data collection functions to minimize the burden for landlords.

Landlords would be required to collect data on:

  • The location of each rental facility, including the zip code;

  • Structure type;

  • Year built;

  • Distribution of units by standard bedroom sizes

  • The number of units by bedroom size that were re-rented during the month

  • The number of vacant days applicable to those units;

  • The rent charged for each rental unit;

  • The rent charged for each re-rented unit before vacancy; and

  • The new turnover rent charged for each re-rented unit.

In addition to these data points, landlords would also be required to maintain records that provide:

  • A description of utilities that are included in the rent;

  • The landlord's actual monthly utility costs, including gas, electric, heating, fuel, trash removal, and water and sewer;

  • The availability of certain amenities, including air conditioning, wall-to-wall carpeting, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washer/dryer in the apartment unit or on the site, patio-balcony, swimming pool, and tennis courts;

  • The actual operating expenses, by category;

  • The actual operating revenues, by category;

  • A schedule of any other fees and income; and

  • Tenant rent/income ratio for prospective tenants that protects the confidentiality of personal income information and that is available to the landlord as part of the normal renting process.

The new reporting process would be mandatory and done on an annual basis. Once compiled and reviewed, the data are to be published on the County government's website. The published data would also include a table that lists all rental housing consisting of two or more dwelling units by unit type and building type.

Now that CB-017-2022 has been presented to the Council, the next step in the legislative process will be for the Committee of the Whole to work on the bill. If you have questions about this legislation, please contact Councilmember Glaros's office via email at or her office at (301) 962-3060.



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