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Legislative Snapshot: CB-070-2021- Extended COVID-19 Renter Protections (PGC Council)

Today, the Prince George’s County Council discussed CB-070-2021. If this legislation were to be enacted, it would extend protections for Prince George’s County renters as the County continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, CB-070-2021 would prohibit a landlord from issuing a notice of a rent increase, late fees, or penalties during the COVID-19 pandemic and within one year after the end of the pandemic. Notices of rent adjustments and rent payment plans would be prohibited for the same time period.

If enacted, CB-070-2021 would direct the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and Department of Permitting Inspection and Enforcement (DPIE) to provide information about the new prohibitions on their respective websites. Once published on the website, renters would be able to see the date the emergency expires, as well as the date when the protections end.

This legislation was proposed by Prince George’s County Council Member Jolene Ivey. Council Member Ivey presented CB-070-2021 to the Council for referral to the Committee of the Whole at today’s virtual County Council meeting. If you would like more information on this legislation, please contact Council Member Ivey’s office at (301) 952-3864 or email Council Member Ivey at



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