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Institution Spotlight: Prince George's County Council Standing Committees

Today CLPA highlights the five Standing Committees of the Prince George's County Council. In 2016, the Council added two new At-Large seats, which expanded the Council from nine to eleven members. In an effort to accommodate the new Members, the Council voted to increase the number of standing committees from five to six in 2018.

The Education and Workforce Development (EWD) Committee is responsible for issues that relate to: the Board of Education (BOE), Prince George's Community College, Prince George's County Libraries, Workforce Development (Employ Prince George's), and Youth @ Work/Summer Youth Enrichment Program (OHRM). This Committee also oversees the Board of Library Trustees. The EWD is led by Chair Sydney Harrison and Vice-Chair Deni Taveras.

Led by Chair Rodney Streeter and Vice-Chair Derrick Davis, the Government Operations and Fiscal Policy (GOFP) Committee, as its name suggests, is responsible for overseeing how the Prince George's County government operates and approving budget amendments.

Under its broad umbrella, the GOFP is responsible for the following issues and agencies, Boards, and Commissions:

  • Office of Central Services (OCS):

  1. Industrial Development Authority (IDA)

  2. Supplier Development and Diversity Division (SDDD)

  • Office of Community Relations

  • Board of Elections

  • Office of Ethics and Accountability

  • Office of Finance

  • Human Relations Commission

  • Board of License Commissioners

  • Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM)

  • Personnel Board

  • Office of Information Technology (OIT)

  • Office of Law

  • Office of Management and Budget (OMB)

  • Revenue Authority (Parking Authority)

  • Salary Plans/Contracts

  • Budget Amendments

  • Council Rules

  • Board of Ethics

  • Spending Affordability Committee

  • Cable Television Commission

The Health, Human Services, and Public Safety (HHSPS) Committee, led by Chair Calvin Hawkins and Vice-Chair Sydney Harrison, is responsible for managing healthcare, social services, and criminal justice issues in the County. Specifically, HHSPS is responsible for: Family Services, Health, Social Services, Police and CCOP, Sheriff's Office, State's Attorney, Circuit Court & Orphan's Court, Corrections, Fire/EMS Department/Volunteer Fire, and Homeland Security.

The HHSPS is responsible for the following issues and agencies, Boards, and Commissions:

  • Fire Commission

  • Board of Social Services

  • Commission for Individuals with Disabilities

  • Advisory Committee on Aging

  • Commission for Veterans

  • Commission for Women

  • Mental Health Advisory Committee

  • Commission for Children

  • Youth and Families

  • Youth Commission

  • Arts and Humanities Council

  • Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

  • Commission on Fathers, Men, and Boys

The Planning, Housing, and Economic Development (PHED) Committee is led by Chair Dannielle Glaros and Vice-Chair Sydney Harrison. They oversee the implementation and management of Prince George's County's housing programs and economic programs. In addition, they deal with issues related to Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) and Zoning.

The PHED is responsible for the following issues and agencies, Boards, and Commissions:


  • People's Zoning Counsel

  • Zoning/Subdivision Bills

  • Economic Development Corp. & FSC First

  • TIF, PILOT, and EDI – Economic Development Incentives

  • Conference and Visitors Bureau

  • Housing & Redevelopment Authority (DHCD)

  • Revenue Authority (development projects only)

  • Dept. of Permitting, Inspections & Enforcement (DPIE)

  • Commission on Common Ownership Communities

  • Historic Preservation Commission

  • Nuisance Abatement Board

  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

  • Minority Business Opportunities Commission

As you would expect, the Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment (TIEE) Committee is responsible for all things related to transportation and the environment in the County and is led by Chair Deni Taveras and Vice-Chair Dannielle Glaros. The TIEE's responsibility also extends to oversight of the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC), as they approve WSSC's Commissioners.

The TIEE is responsible for the following issues and agencies, Boards, and Commissions:

  • Dept. of the Environment (DoE)

  • Dept. of Public Works & Transportation (DPW&T)

  • WSSC

  • WMATA & Purple Line

  • Transportation Oversight including Taxicabs & Limousines

  • OCS (Energy Manager only)

  • Agricultural & Soil Conservation

  • Solid Waste Advisory Commission

  • Taxicab Board

  • Agricultural Resources Advisory Committee

  • Washington Suburban Transit Commission

  • Agricultural Land Preservation Advisory Board

The final Standing Committee is the General Assembly Committee. The committee reviews and recommends Prince George's County-related legislation to the General Assembly. This Committee is often in regular with the Prince George's County House Delegation in the General Assembly on what is happening on the state level. This Committee is led by Chair Derrick Davis and Vice-Chair Deni Taveras.

CLPA will often highlight these meetings in our Weekly Policy Updates or share updates from these committees on our social media pages. If you are looking for more information on the various agencies, Boards, and Commissions, we will be individually highlighting all of the institutions in the near future.

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