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CLPA Weekly Policy Recap and List of Upcoming DC Area Policy Meetings (October 4th - October 8th)

Here is CLPA’s weekly recap of important policy news you may have missed, as well as a list of upcoming meetings.

Statewide Updates

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced an allocation of more than $7.7 million in Growth and Opportunity for Virginia (GO Virginia) grants to advance community economic recovery efforts. This funding will support 14 projects focused on economic diversification, workforce development, talent pipelines, economic resiliency, and business-ready sites. To read the full announcement from Governor Northam, please visit here. October 4th - October 8th Meetings

Washington, DC

DC Council

  1. Final Reading and Vote: Bill 24-143-Certified Midwife Credential Amendment Act of 2021

  1. Bill 24-286, August Wilson High School Designation Act of 2021

  2. Bill 24-339, John Lewis Elementary School Designation Act of 2021


  1. Topics:

  2. PR24-0310, the “Commission on Fashion Arts and Events Nick Elefante Confirmation Resolution of 2021”

  3. PR24-0311, the “Commission on Fashion Arts and Events Maude Okrah Confirmation Resolution of 2021”

  1. Topics

  2. PR24-0235 – Full-time Commissioner of Real Property Tax Appeals Commission Frank A. Sanders Confirmation Resolution of 2021

  3. PR24-0236 – Full-time Chairperson of Real Property Tax Appeals Commission Trent T. Williams Confirmation Resolution of 2021

DC Board of Education


Charles County

Board of Charles County Commissioners
Board of Education
  • No meetings this week

Montgomery County

Montgomery County Council
  1. Bill 19-21, Finance - Reports on Settlements Agreements (McCartney-Green) GO Committee recommends enactment with amendments.

  2. Expedited Bill 30-21, Landlord-Tenant Relations - Restrictions During Emergencies - Extended Limitations Against Rent Increases and Late Fees (Wellons) PHED Committee recommends enactment with amendments.

  3. Expedited Bill 31-21, Property Tax Credits - Energy Conservation Devices and Energy Efficient Buildings - Amendments (Wellons) T&E/GO Committee recommends enactm

Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County Council
  1. Topics of interest

  2. CB-058-2021,An act concerning Homestead Property Tax Credit AN ACT

  3. CR-081-2021,A resolution concerning Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Action Plan for Housing and Community Development

Board of Education


Alexandria City

Alexandria City Council
Board of Education

Arlington County

Arlington County Board
Arlington County School Board

Fairfax County

Fairfax County Council
Fairfax County School Board

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