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CLPA List of Upcoming DC Area Policy Meetings (September 25-September 29)

In the week ahead, residents in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area can anticipate a busy schedule of meetings and hearings by local government bodies. These sessions will delve into a diverse array of legislative topics and community concerns, reflecting the region's commitment to governance and civic engagement. The DC Council will hold a Business & Economic Development Public Hearing to discuss two proposed bills, one related to real property tax exemptions for the "Society for Science" and another concerning cost-free coverage for prostate cancer screening.

In Maryland, the Charles County's Board of Commissioners is poised to examine legislative packages while seeking community input on vital programs. Meanwhile, the Montgomery County Council is set to explore issues ranging from transportation to public health, showcasing the breadth of matters impacting the county's residents. Prince George's County Council's agenda includes critical discussions on taxation and community development initiatives, highlighting the county's commitment to addressing pressing issues.

The Alexandria's City Council in Virginia, with its varied topics, reflects the city's dedication to diverse community needs. In Arlington County, the Board's deliberations on property conditions underscore their focus on the welfare of residents. Fairfax County's packed agenda for the Board of Supervisors demonstrates the county's commitment to addressing complex zoning and budgetary challenges. Throughout this busy week, the collective efforts of these local government bodies will shape the future of their respective communities.

District of Columbia

DC Council

The DC Council will hold a Business & Economic Development Public Hearing this Thursday at 10 am. At the meeting, they will discuss:

  • Bill 25-0183, the “Society for Science Real Property Tax Exemption Amendment Act of 2023”

  • Bill 25-0229, the “Cost-Free Coverage for Prostate Cancer Screening Amendment Act of 2023”

DC State Board of Education

There will not be a public meeting of the DC State Board of Education this week.



Maryland General Assembly:

Both the Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate are currently adjourned and not in session.

However, please see Maryland General Assembly 2023 Dates of Interest for information about pre-filed bills.


Charles County

Board of Charles County Commissioners

The Board of Charles County Commissioners will meet tomorrow at 9 am. During this session, they will discuss the Charles County Commissioners' 2024 Preliminary Legislative Package.

The Commissioner will also have a public hearing later in the day at 6:15 pm to discuss the Maryland Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program, a federally funded initiative administered by the Department of Housing and Community Development, aimed at supporting neighborhood and housing revitalization, economic development, and community improvement efforts, with a focus on benefiting low to moderate-income individuals, addressing slum or blight issues, and addressing urgent community development needs.

Charles County Board of Education

There will a meeting of the Charles County Board of Education today at 4:30. The agenda includes items related to amending the 2024-2025 school calendar, the superintendent's contract, and a regarding new construction school site acquisition and school naming.


Montgomery County

Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council will meet at tomorrow at 9 am. Bills introduced this week include Bill 36-23, known as the SAFE Act, focused on the sale of firearms and ammunition with a public hearing/action scheduled for 10/10/23; Bill 37-23, addressing contracts and procurement with a public hearing/action also set for October 10; and Expedited Bill 38-23 concerning tenant displacement, with a public hearing scheduled for the same date at 1:30 p.m. The Council will have the final reading of Bill 18-22, which pertains to noise control related to leaf removal equipment and may require a motion to take it from the table prior to adoption.

Montgomery County Board of Education

The Montgomery County Board of Education will not have a public meeting this week.


Prince George's County

Prince George's County Council

The Prince George's County Council will have a meeting tomorrow at 10:30 am. This week's agenda includes several bills and resolutions for consideration. CB-089-2023 seeks to amend regulations pertaining to taxicabs and limousines, CB-092-2023 aims to establish a homestead property tax credit for the upcoming fiscal year, and CB-093-2023 focuses on expanding the authority of the Nuisance Abatement Board. Meanwhile, CR-083-2023 approves an annual residential permit allocation process, CR-065-2023 involves the adoption of an updated County-wide Hazard Mitigation Plan required by FEMA, and CR-084-2023 proposes amendments to the Bowie-Mitchellville and Vicinity Sectional Map Amendment, calling for a public hearing to gather input on these proposed changes.

Prince George's County Board of Education

The Prince George's County Board of Education will have a public meeting on Thursday at 5 pm. On the agenda, among other things, they will discuss the Superintendent's recommendation to approve a contract for the construction and maintenance of several new schools in Prince George's County to address aging facilities and overcrowding issues. This project will utilize Alternate Construction Financing and is crucial due to limited traditional funding for infrastructure needs. The selected proposer, PGC Education Collective, will bear financial responsibility, and the schools are expected to be completed by July 15, 2029.



Virginia General Assembly:

Both the Virginia House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate are adjourned and not in session.


Alexandria City

Alexandria City Council:

The Alexandria City Council will have a public meeting at 6 pm this week. The meeting agenda includes various resolutions and reports, such as an executive session for discussing personnel matters and business expansion, updates on a citywide crime reduction strategy, a presentation on the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, consideration of a citizen participation plan for housing and community development activities, and a request to release funds for a local housing voucher program study, among other items on the agenda.

Alexandria City Board of Education

The Alexandria City School Board will not have a public meeting this week.


Arlington County

Arlington County Board

The Arlington County Board will have a recessed meeting tomorrow at 3 pm. The Consent Items section, set for 6:30 P.M. and will include a discussion on an ordinance to amend and clarify definitions and responsibilities related to private property conditions in Chapter 10 of the Arlington County Code. The County Manager will recommend adopting the ordinance, which is attached to the staff report, during this segment, marked as Board Report #25.

Additionally, the meeting will include Regular Hearing Items, slated to begin no earlier than 6:45 P.M., although specific details about these items have not been provided at this time.

Arlington County School Board

The Arlington County School Board will have a work session tomorrow. The schedule for the day includes a work session on the instructional vision at 9 am, followed by a work session on boundaries at 10:45 am, and a work session on student climate and culture at 1 pm. Additionally, a closed meeting regarding public safety is planned for 2:45 pm, and the day concludes with adjournment.


Fairfax County

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors will convene tomorrow with a packed agenda. The day will commence at 9:30 am with presentations, followed by board appointments and matters to be presented by board members at 10 am. At 10:30 am, a public hearing will take place to review the FY 2023 carryover for amendments to the FY 2024 Revised Budget Plan. Administrative items covering various topics, such as street management, traffic calming measures, land rights acquisition, and zoning ordinance amendments, will be addressed during the meeting. Action items, including the approval of license agreements and appropriations resolutions, will also be discussed. Additionally, the board will convene a closed session, and the day will conclude with several public hearings, including discussions on zoning ordinances, affordable housing policies, and sanitary sewer availability.

Fairfax County School Board

The Fairfax County School Board will not hold a full Board meeting this week.


Staying informed about local policies is of utmost importance as they significantly impact our daily lives. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to stay informed about these proceedings and engage with their local representatives to contribute to the decision-making process and ensure their voices are heard. CLPA will provide continual updates throughout the week on any new development here on our site, on Twitter: @LocalPolicyCTR, and on Facebook @localpolicycenter.



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