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CLPA Announces Content Publication Schedule

This week, the Center for Local Policy Analysis (CLPA) will begin its first in a series of weekly policy-related updates.

Starting this week, every Tuesday and Wednesday CLPA will highlight legislative proposals. Tuesday will be dedicated to County/City Councils, while Wednesday we will provide updates on key proposals from the state legislatures. While the Virginia and Maryland legislatures are in recess, Wednesday will be dedicated solely to the DC Council.

Since local ordinances are often overlooked in policy discussions, we will dedicate every Thursday to local ordinances occurring across the DC Metropolitan Area. Finally, CLPA will dedicate Friday to highlighting policymaking institutions, boards, commissions, and policymakers that the public need to become familiar with.

Other popular updates such as our weekly update will continue. On Mondays, CLPA will still highlight the major policy stories of the past week as well as providing a list of meetings for the coming week.

Reports that may not fit clearly into and of the above categories, such as infographic on the legislative process, polling results, or budget analyses, will be released on either Mondays or Wednesdays.


Founded in 2020, CLPA is a non-profit dedicated to educating the public on local policy and the function of local government, so they can become well-informed advocates for themselves and their communities.

For more information about CLPA, you can email us at


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