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Alexandria City Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2023 is set to be approved next week

At next week's Alexandria City Council Meeting, the Appropriations Ordinance for Fiscal Year 2023 is scheduled to be considered and approved. For this fiscal year, the Council is appropriating $2,024,701,611 to the City government. The new fiscal year starts on July 1, 2022, and ends on June 13, 2023.

The FY2023 Budget as well as the City's real property and tax rate were adopted during the May 4th meeting, However, the City Charter states that the City must also approve an annual ordinance. The ordinance is usually approved during the June City where the Council approves the Operating and Captial budgets. The ordinance includes the appropriation of the operating budget but also reflects the approved Budget of the Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS). If there are any changes or amendments in the school final budget they will be brought to City Council for appropriation in the Fall.

City Fiscal Impact (as stated by the city's memo):

This ordinance authorizes the receipt and expenditure of $2,035,520,611 for FY 2022 in the following sections: $2,024,701,611 in Sections 1 through 9 and $10,819,000 of monies from the General Fund Balance:

Section 1 to Section 9

General Fund $ 839,213,971

Special Revenue Fund $133,495,438

Affordable Housing Fund $10,044,431

Sewer Special Revenue Fund $18,240,983

Stormwater Special Revenue Fund $19,979,491

Potomac Yard Fund $21,373,975

Northern Virginia Transportation Authority Fund $31,433,459

Capital Projects Fund $561,155,721

Equipment Replacement Internal Service Fund $6,981,960

Alexandria City Public Schools $345,837,487

Library Fund $8,554,192

Alexandria Transit Company $28,390,503

Less: Interfund Transfers ( $445,981,079)

Total $ 1,578,720,532

Below you will find the exact amount appropriated for each Alexandria City Department

Below you will find the breakdown of how revenue for the City will be collected this fiscal year,



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