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Agency Spotlight: Charles County Citizens' Response Office

In January 2011, the Charles County Commissioners introduced the Citizens' Response Office, a significant development to improve the government's interaction with its residents. The primary mission of the CRO is to streamline communication and ensure prompt, effective responses to residents' concerns, inquiries, and feedback. It serves as a vital bridge connecting the government and the people, offering assistance and information on various issues, from routine queries to urgent matters.

Over time, the Citizens' Response Office has made notable progress in enhancing county-wide communication. It functions as the central hub for managing phone calls, emails, and letters directed to the County Commissioners, ensuring that every citizen's voice is heard and receives a thoughtful response.

A noteworthy aspect of the Citizens' Response Office is its impressive track record. Since its inception in 2011, it has meticulously handled over 9,000 communications from concerned citizens, recognizing the significance of providing citizens with the government's undivided attention and unwavering dedication.

The Citizens' Response Office symbolizes government transparency, accountability, and accessibility. It actively engages with the community, fostering trust in the government's ability to serve its people effectively. Its establishment represented a significant shift towards a more accountable government that places the utmost priority on its citizens. The success of this office demonstrates that government entities can and should collaborate to address the needs and concerns of their residents. As the CRO adapts to evolving community needs, it continues to offer a reliable resource for those who believe in the government's potential to impact their lives positively.

In addition to the various channels available to contact the Citizens' Response Office for compliments, concerns, or complaints, it's essential to emphasize the importance of privacy and comfort for residents. The option to submit matters anonymously is fully respected. When this choice is made, rest assured that identities remain confidential, known only to the dedicated Citizen Response Manager or their designee, who will provide updates on the progress of addressing concerns.

This commitment to anonymity is fundamental to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all residents to voice their worries and feedback without any fear of consequences. The option to submit information anonymously is open to everyone, whether it's a compliment, concern, or even a complaint.

For any inquiries or assistance regarding the Citizens' Response Office, residents can call (301) 645-0550. Complaints or concerns can be filed using this link.



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