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Vote Report: B24-0158 - Expanding Student Access to Period Products Act of 2021 (DC Council)

Summary of Vote

Final Reading: B24-0158




Action: Approved

Next step in process: Mayoral Review

Vote Detail

  1. Anita Bonds-Yes

  2. Brianne K. Nadeau-Yes

  3. Brooke Pinto-Yes

  4. Charles Allen-Yes

  5. Christina Henderson-Yes

  6. Elissa Silverman-Yes

  7. Janeese Lewis George-Yes

  8. Kenyan R. McDuffie-Yes

  9. Mary M. Cheh-Yes

  10. Phil Mendelson-Yes

  11. Robert C. White, Jr.-Absent

  12. Trayon White, Sr.-Yes

  13. Vincent C. Gray-Absent

Text of B24-0158

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