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Ordinance Spotlight: Rural Residential Zone Renewable Energy Uses (PGC Council)

Recently, Chair Calvin Hawkins introduced CB-078-2021, an ordinance concerning solar-powered renewable energy and warehouse and distribution uses in the R-R Zone. In Prince George’s County, an R-R (Rural Residential) zone is defined as a zone that permits approximately one-half-acre residential lots. The subdivision lot sizes depend on the date of recordation and allow a number of nonresidential special exception uses. Enacting CB-078-2021 would propose changes in approved uses that are fully or partially powered by renewable energy.

The M-NCPPC’s “Plan Prince George's 2035,” encourages investment in energy infrastructure, renewable energy, and the use of and the use of smart grid technologies to improve the efficiency, reliability, affordability, and sustainability of energy production and distribution. The recommendations in the Plan are to make Prince George’s County a sustainable energy leader in the region. This ordinance is the County’s attempt to implement some of those recommendations.

This bill was presented on September 14th by Council Chair Hawkins and is now waiting to be heard in the Committee of the Whole. If you have concerns or want more information about this bill, contact Chair Hawkins office at (301) 952-2195 or email him



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