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CLPA List of Upcoming DC Area Policy Meetings (December 12th-December 16th)

Happy Monday! Here are the meetings you need to be aware of this week,

The major meeting in the DC Council this week will occur not in a full council hearing but in the Labor & Workforce Development committee. Six bills will be discussed that will impact many DC residents. The Parity in Workers’ Compensation Recovery Amendment Act of 2022, Green New Deal for a Lead-Free DC Amendment Act of 2022, and the Pay Range Act of 2022

In Maryland, there are several legislative meetings occurring in both Prince George's County and Montgomery County, with bills being introduced or having their final vote. In Montgomery County Bill 32-22, Department of Health and Human Services - Structure and Positions, which would have the name of the bill suggests change the structure of the Department of Health. It would make the Chief of Public Health Services a non-merit position, eliminate the Chief Operating Officer as a non-merit position, and remove the requirement that the County Health Officer also serve as the Chief of the Direct Service Division for Public Services. Prince George's County would have first reading of a number of bills that, if enacted, will have a direct impact on data collection, housing, and commerce. CLPA will report on a number of these bills throughout the week.

Virginia has only one legislative meeting occurring this week. The Alexandria City Council will meet this week and discuss serval important ordinances and appoint a large number of residents to county commissions and boards. School boards will also meet in Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria.

Here is our list of the most important meetings occurring around the DC Area this week.


Click on the blue hyperlinks below for more information about each meeting.

District of Columbia

DC Council

  • Labor & Workforce Development Public Hearing-Monday, December 12 at 1:00 pm

    • Legislation/policy of interest to be discussed:

      • B24-0937 “Commission on Public Compensation Establishment Amendment Act of 2022”

      • B24-0807 “Green New Deal for a Lead-Free DC Amendment Act of 2022”

      • B24-0708 “Pay Range Act of 2022”

      • B24-0948 “Short-Term Disability Insurance Benefit Protection Clarification Amendment Act of 2022”

      • B24-0042 “Apprenticeship Procurement Incentive Amendment Act of 2021”

      • B24-0866 “Parity in Workers’ Compensation Recovery Amendment Act of 2022”

DC State Board of Education



Charles County

Board of Charles County Commissioners

Charles County Board of Education

Montgomery County

Montgomery County Council

Montgomery County Board of Education

Prince George's County

Prince George's County Council

  • Prince George's County Council Meeting-Monday, December 12 at 11:00 am

    • Legislation/policy of interest to be discussed:

      • First Reading of Bills (Presentation)

        • CB-001-2023-Responsible Contractor Requirements

        • CB-002-2023-Administration—Procedures—Legislative Amendments

        • CB-006-2023-Landlord Reporting of Tenant’s Rental Payments to Major Credit Bureaus

        • CB-007-2023-The Rent Stabilization Act of 2023

        • CB-009-2023-Tobacco Shops, Electronic Cigarette Shops, or Retail Tobacco Shops

        • CB-010-2023-Prince George’s County Open Data

        • CR-002-2023-Health Impact Assessment as a Requirement in Land Use Matters

Prince George's County Board of Education



Alexandria City

Alexandria City Council

Alexandria City Board of Education

Arlington County

Arlington County Board

Arlington County School Board

Fairfax County

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Fairfax County School Board



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